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Taylor 10th Anniversary (Feb 13th, 2016) ~Wedding Anniversary~

Almost one year ago, I walked into the Village Inn looking for a venue to renew my vows after 10 years and never having a wedding. Not knowing I’d never want to walk out. We were a perfect match for one another, considering all they could provide. Our color scheme, predecided, coincided perfectly with the venue colors. From the first consultation I’ve been greeted and treated kindly. And they’ve exceeded my expectations! Lana Schofield has made it her duty and honor to beattentive, thorough and informative. If I asked about it, she made it happen. From the projection screen that adorned my wonderful slideshow to providing me with a great professional staff that took care of our guest and ourselves so attentively to the cheesy bread crumb crust that coated our macaroni and cheese. I thank them for seasoning my food but, not adding too much salt. Yet, they provided salt and pepper to each table. This way my guest could heighten their food accordingly. Not only did the Village Inn Event Center help make our event extravagant! They also included a suite to die for. I was able to separate myself from everyone and be pampered within our room, with SO MUCH space and amenities! Which allowed me to deal with any hiccups that occurred (bc they occurred) and emphasize calmly. Any other hiccups appeared cute and harmless and only added to our memories! So…. If you are looking for somewhere for your out of town guest to feel pampered after driving and flying in for you, with breakfast or everything rolled in one to cut down hassle and cost, The Village Inn event center is the place to be! Thank You Guys!

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