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Logan Wedding (June 2017) ~ Wedding Reception ~

Lana, I just want to pass along to you and your staff a few of “your compliments”.

The food is delicious … from many folks

This is such a perfect place for the dinner

How did you (remember I am in Richmond) find this nice place?

The children’s plates were such a good idea.

Our compliments:

The Ivy room and an additional table made our day.

Each of your servers was efficient, attentive and so polite

Mr. BarTender helped from the Git Go, even placed our flowers in the men’s room.

Of course, all of your help from one Meeting Planner to another was perfect.

And the compliment of evening was from Logan’s grandmother and grandfather on the other side, real Country Club people (you know what I mean). They were very impressed.

And so Lana, thanks to you and your staff for a successful evening for proud grandparents.


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